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Educational Plan

          Our school puts at the reach of your children a bilingual education of quality, taking an educational plan to the vanguard, the same in Kindergarten as in Primary, handling a constructive-humanist approach, through which the student will achieve a meaningful learning, understanding this one as a learning for life, we try to form our student within the conceptual, reflexive and practical areas as well as forming solid foundations that will facilitate the interaction in the different stages of their life, that is why the important of handling from pre-school a literacy program combining it with an introduction to the English language from early ages, which provides the necessary knowledge for our students to develop ideally when they get at their Primary Education, where they’ll be continually formed, through programs endorsed by excellent educational standards, without leaving aside an atmosphere of respect and motivation to achieve our purpose:

                                            "Train Leaders of Educational Excellence"









Familia Prieto Hernandez

A nosotros como padres (Ángel y Miriam de Jesús), nos preocupaba la educación de nuestros hijos, queríamos que tuvieran los conocimientos..

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