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What we offer

        Lancaster Bilingual School offers  your children a learning environment embracing both academic areas and the integral and significant formation in each one of them. We are dedicated to prepare human beings who possess knowledge and learn how to develop strategies to solve different kinds of problems, taking good decisions and be able for team work, learning how to put this strategies in practice not just inside the classroom, but also in their lives.

         We offer to respect our students for what they are, challenge them to achieve their personal and academic potential, sharing with them the joy of learning, developing in a most genuine ethic-human values environment and also trying to help them  achieve their free development of a healthy personality.

        Nowadays, study plans establish a “discovering” way of learning in contrast with the older lessons from the past which used to concentrate in memorizing concepts.  Our teaching methodology creates opportunities for our students to recognize their own value. We pull off this by giving them reachable goals through responsible work, problems resolutions and taking decisions.

       To train your children for an integral formation in the academic, social, emotional, physical, moral and human values aspects; this are the commitment of Lancaster Bilingual School. As an educational community:  teachers, parents, students and the administration of the school, we come together in a quest to pursuit the excellence in order to achieve a better future.









Familia Prieto Hernandez

A nosotros como padres (Ángel y Miriam de Jesús), nos preocupaba la educación de nuestros hijos, queríamos que tuvieran los conocimientos..

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