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Early Stimulation










To give the first steps, requires more than muscular force. It’s an event that encloses process of development and maturity of the child and this is only achieve by long hours of stimulation, observation, learnings, love, time, among others.

That’s why Lancaster Bilingual School has created a program for the children of daycare stage, we look forward to stimulate them in the areas of psychomotor activity, language and intelligence, taking these as principal cores of development in children who will begin soon the pre-school formation; the aim is not to develop precocious children, neither to advance them from their   natural  development;  but  offer  them  a  wide range of experiences that as base for future learnings.

The aims of our program are:
  • To promote educational, social and recreational situations for our sayrsery students to encourage their growth and integral development.
  • To provide the basic tools to stimulate the processes of maturation and learning in the emotional, intellectual and psychomotor aspects.
  • To improve care and behavior.
  • To strengthen their thin and thick psychomotricity.
  • To provide a major integration and participation inside a group.
  • To encourage their independence and autonomy.


        At the end of the school cycle is claimed that the child had acquired the following skills and attitudes:

  • Relates satisfactorily with the people around him.
  • Has confidence in himself.
  • Be sociable and independent.
  • Realices activities with responsibility.
  • Maintains the balance of his body.
  • Knows the parts that build his corporal scheme.
  • Practices hygiene habits.
  • Distinguishes different kinds of textures and consistencies.
  • Expresses correctly according to his age.
  • Executes complex verbal commands.
  • Distinguishes changes in the environment.
  • Says and recognizes his name.
  • Identifies and names the primary colors.
  • Knows basic mathematics concepts.
  • Initiates the process of reading and writing.









Familia Prieto Hernandez

A nosotros como padres (Ángel y Miriam de Jesús), nos preocupaba la educación de nuestros hijos, queríamos que tuvieran los conocimientos..

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